About Bent Grass Concepts
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About Bent Grass Concepts and Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs

Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs are the flagship products of  Bent Grass Concepts, a
product design and development company.  Bent Grass started out in 2005 developing innovative
game improvement products for the golf industry.  As we grew close to our customers, they told us
that they often have back, neck, and shoulder pain, so we introduced our line of Instant Reusable
Heat Packs.  The hand warmers served a dual function of relieving hand and wrist pain, while
enabling people to enjoy the outdoors in cool weather.

In late 2012, we introduced the Heat Wraptor line of heat wraps. These wraps take the most
popular heat pack sizes to make them mobile, by inserting them into pouches built into the wraps.
Customers asked us to make the Heat Wave line more wearable, so they can wear the wraps
indoors and out, while adding a good compression fit for pain relief.

In 2013, we became a successful distributor of ThermaFreeze Reusable Ice Sheets, a line of
reusable Ice Packs. We have created a line of portable, wearable wraps and ice bandanas under
the Ice Wraptor brand.

We have been a leading Amazon.com reseller for years, with our latest award for 2012.

Our owners have over 30 years in the medical device and products industry.  One even received a
patent for reusable / disposable wrap for heat packs.  Our goal is to make pain relieving products
that are safe, effective, and easy to use.  Heat Wave products are made with medical grade vinyl
and a non-toxic solution. The products have and can be used for sports medicine injuries, back
and neck pain, PMS relief, arthritis, and more.

Heat Wave is a registered trademark of Bent Grass Concepts.  If you are buying instant reusable
heat packs from other suppliers, you might be getting a counterfeit or inferior brand. Such
companies using our brand name include SnapHeat and Quantum Heat Packs.  We have offices
and manufacturing facilities in Denver and Los Angeles.

We have improved the manufacturing process and the quality of our heat packs over the last 5
years. We use medical grade products and manufacturing processes so we are the only instant
reusable heat pack company that carries a full lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.  All
of the printing is done on the inside of the pack so there is no allergic reaction to the ink.  The
medical grade vinyl is hypoallergenic treated.   

Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs are great for hunting, fishing, skiing, camping, boating
and to keep warm. They can be placed in a jacket pocket, but can also be used anywhere on the
body. They are great for use as a heating pad, Hydrocollator, bed warmer, neck comforter, muscle
relaxer and for relief of aches and pain. Of course, they are ideal for back pain relief.

Outdoors Relief
Sure enough, our local customers said that plenty of other people could use our products.  
Whether you snowmobile, snowshoe, hike, hunt, or ice fish, Heat Wave Instant Reusable Hand
Warmers can keep you comfortable for hours.  Why let the cold stop you from
doing what you like to do? Use the hand warmers when attending outdoor sporting events, too.

Outdoors Emergency
Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs have been used many times in emergency situations.  
Our customers needed immediate heat when their snowmobile broke down, when stranded in a
blizzard, when disoriented on a winter hike, and more.  Heat Wave heat packs get hot enough to
melt frozen liquids, providing you with extra time when faced with an emergency situation.

New Items
Bent Grass Concepts has become an innovator in design and marketing of consumer products.
We are interested in learning more about your ideas as well as partnering with you on product
development and distribution. We have designed products for our own account, have marketed
products under contract for others, and will take on product development opportunities for new
Heat Wave Instant Heat Packs and Reusable Hand Warmers from Bent Grass Concepts are the best
selling instant hot packs in the U.S.
Heat Wave is a registered trademark of Bent Grass Concepts
Bent Grass Concepts, through its
Heat Wave store, has repeatedly
been an Amazon.com top seller!