Dr. Fill's Water Tunnel
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Dr Fill's fits directly in wide-mouth
bottles made of plastic and metal
Dr. Fill's Water Tunnel
The All Fill - No Spill Water Bottle Funnel
Fill it! Don't Spill it!
    Spill-proof water bottle funnel
    refills water bottles with no spills

    Works on all lever and push-
    button refrigerator dispensers

    No drips on the door

    No spills on the floor

    Easy for kids to use

    Dishwasher safe

    Made in USA with 100% recycled
    BPA-free plastic.
Dr. Fill's Water Tunnel from Bent Grass Concepts is available for catalogs, home parties, & school supply sales.
Dr. Fill fits directly onto the opening of water bottles
Dr. Fill fits directly into the opening of wide-mouth water bottles
Dr. Fill's Water Tunnel fits directly on
regular water bottles
Dr. Fill works with push button and lever refrigerator dispensers
Dr. Fill's sleek profile fits easily in a kitchen drawer
    Refill and reuse standard and wide-
    mouth water bottles
    Fill protein shaker bottles
    Fill large containers and thermoses
    Fill tall glasses and pots and pans
    Fill pet bowls with filtered water
    Fill pots and pans