Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs
Heat Wave Instant Reusable Hand Warmers and Heat Packs
Our heat packs are designed to fit, comfort, warm, and heal every part of
your body.

We have 2 styles of Hand Warmers
 - Heat Wave Original (3 x 5”) and new Heat
Wave XT – Extra Long Lasting (3 x 6”). Our instant hand warmers are great pocket
warmers for cold days, but also great to keep hands warm for carpal tunnel pain and
Raynaud's disease, as well as for warming generally cold hands.

The medium and large rectangular instant heat packs can be used for: Ankle,
calf, knee, thigh, and back pain, as well as general muscle soreness or menstrual
cramps. Linear indentations in the hot packs allow the units to adjust to your body

The universal back / neck / shoulder instant reusable heat pack is excellent
for back, neck and shoulder discomfort. The slits in the pack make it ideal for a
conforming fit, especially when worn on the lower back.

Heat Wraptor Heat Wraps are available for our heat packs to be able to wrap
around your back, arms, and legs so you can be mobile, and not confined to the
In less than 20 seconds, our hand warmers
heat up.
Larger packs are hot in less than a minute!
Reformulated so you do not have to boil the
packs - Simply put them in a coffee pot with water
- quicker, easier, safer - ONLY HEAT WAVE
PRODUCTS will work this way!
How Heat Wave Works:

    There is a small metal activator floating in the heat pack.  If you pinch or flex the disc, so it snaps, the trigger will
    start a unique, instant crystallization process that produces heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds.  
    Just snap heat and use = heat in a click = EZ heat! The instant heat packs will actually change from liquid to
    solid, conforming to your body, emitting heat through the physical change.  These reusable heat packs can
    produce therapeutic heat forup to two hours or more, depending on heat pack size and application.  Heat times
    are extended by using anyform of insulation.  Once the instant heat pack is discharged, just simply recharge
    it by placing it in boiling water or a coffee pot for several minutes and following theinstructions printed on each pack.

  Note:  Do not microwave, freeze or puncture the packs. They will not perform effectively and will void the lifetime warranty.

Take a quick peak of an overview by clicking our product specifications and instructions for use.

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Heat Wave Instant Reusable
Hand Warmers and Heat Packs
are used in the following
activities.  It's hard to believe
that there are so many uses
from instant hot packs:
    Cross country and back country
    skiing and snowshoeing
    Scuba Diving
    Outdoor Sports

    Just about anything for a cool
    morning activity or a late night
    one outdoors!
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January 5 2011

    I gave them to my kiddo at the halfway point of a ski
    outing. He was in the pulk and he held them in his
    mitten. It both kept his hands toasty and he was
    occupied with squishing it as well. He didn't complain
    about it getting too hot. I also used it on another trip
    to keep my camera battery from getting cold sapped. I
    was able to take pictures the whole trip and it was -5
    when we set out on our journey.

    I think the larger back size could be placed over a
    child in the pulk or at the bottom of a chariot to
    provide some heat to a child's feet.

    Alaskan Mom Approved!

    This product is Alaskan Mom Approved as it is
    reusable, easy to operate and kept my kids warm so I
    could ski for two hours!
Heat Wave Hand Warmers are so warm, they work well in Alaska
Even a baby can figure out how to work a hand warmer
by Golf Gear
Heat Wave Instant Heat Packs Relieve Lower Back Pain
Heat Wave Instant Heat Packs Relieve Shoulder Pain
Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat
Packs are used in many other ways:
  • Transporting reptiles in a warm
    environment for natural history
  • Physics departments and labs in
    high schools and universities
  • Keeping food warm during
  • Preheating engines in cold
    areas or for car racing
  • Used in Coast Guard
  • Sealed epoxy in America's Cup
  • National Geographic expedition
    to Antarctica to keep equipment
  • Warmth under scuba wetsuits
  • Pain relief and poison removal
    from lionfish stings
Tell us your unique uses for instant
hot packs and we will add them here!
2011 Sierra Club magazine just
recommended Heat Wave Instant
Reusable Hand Warmers:
Extremities in Extremes
You can also buy Heat Wave products
from the Bent Grass Concepts /
HEAT WAVE Instant Reusable Heat Pack
Amazon.com storefront by clicking here:
Copper Brick Road APPROVED! -

I had a chance to review the pair of hand warmers and the universal
back/neck/shoulder wrap heat pack. Oh my goodness! I cannot tell you how
much I love these!

    ...... While spring is almost here, we still have very chilly mornings and
    this house holds on to that cold all day long no matter how warm it gets
    outside. I can easily put a heat pack into each one of my cardigan
    pockets and my hands get to be nice and toasty, thus improving my
    overall temperature! I would also like to mention that these hand warmers
    go beyond warming hands. They also provide great therapy for carpal
    tunnel pain and arthritis. Mr. B thinks these are the coolest things. He
    loves to see the crystallization process and it just blows his mind that the
    hand warmers get warm.

    The universal back/neck/shoulder wrap heat pack is just that, universal. It
    is so handy! With it's large size and it's conforming ease, this heat pack
    is sure to take care of any pains you may have in your back, neck and
    shoulders. I'll even tell you, this is so great for any lady pains you may
    have whether in your abdomen or in your lower back! It provides warm
    enough heat for just the right amount of time to ease those cramps. Both
    my husband and I have enjoyed this. From the stress of the day, placing
    the universal heat pack right on your shoulders is so relaxing!.....
Heat Wave Instant Heat Packs and Instant Reusable Hand Warmers
Heat Wave Hand Warmers Fit Comfortably in Your Hands
Heat Wave Activator / Starter Disc
Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs change from liquid to solid as they emit heat.  See the progression of the same pack during this change.
Pair of Heat Wave Reusable Hand Warmers
Heat Wave is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Any claim to the name or statement
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Heat Wave XT Hand Warmers Fit Comfortably in Your Hands and are longer lasting than original heat Wave hand warmers
Wave Instant Reusable Hand Warmers and Heat Packs. This
new 3 x 6 inch Heat Wave XT heat pack is extra long lasting,
lasting 40% longer; packed with extra heating power, weighing
Heat Wave XT is the newest product in the line of Original Heat
40% more than our 3 x 5 hand warmer, in a size slightly larger.
Heat Wave Instant Heat Packs Relieve Neck Pain
Heat Wave Universal Heat Pack drapes over the shoulders comfortably
Heat Wave Universal Heat Pack works well on neck and shoulders.
Heat Wave Universal Heat Pack contours to shoulders
Heat Wave Universal Heat Packs can be used on other body parts
Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs are very versatile - just look at the many uses of the Universal Instant Heat Pack!
Heat Wave Medium Heat Pack 5 x 9 inches
Heat Wave Large Heat Pack 8 x 12 inches
Heat Wave XT Extra Large, Extra Long Lasting Hand Warmers
Heat Wave Original Instant Reusable Hand Warmers
Original Hand Warmers 3 x 5"
Heat Wave XT Hand Warmers