Preserver Watertight Protective Cases
Preserver Wateright, Crushproof, Protective Cases for
Boating, Outdoors, and Everyday Use
Preserver Watertight Protective Cases from Bent Grass Concepts for everyday use keeps your stuff dry.
Preserver cases.  These cases are made with high
impact ABS plastic and are designed to be watertight
and crush resistant.

Preserver is your lifesaver for protecting your goods
from the elements while boating, hiking, camping, and
working outdoors.

All cases are manufactured in the USA with High Impact ABS Plastic.

All cases have rubber O-ring seals, easy-open double throw latches,and stainless steel hardware.
Preserver P3500 Rescue
Preserver P5000 Carrier
Preserver P3500 Pricing
Preserver P5000 Pricing
Our products have been used by recreational consumers and professionals in the
entertainment, field test, diving, boating, and industrial sectors.
Preserver Watertight Protective Cases - Escort, Cruiser,Rescue, Carrier, and Supercarrier
The Preserver P3500 Rescue watertight protective case is a crushproof, airtight drybox tested to 50 feet. Waterproof, crushproof, impact resistant, airtight, corrosion proof and floats - Preserver cases provide protection for your valuables in the most extreme conditions - wallet, jewelry, cell phones, passports, GPS units, radios, checkbooks, small cameras and more.
The Preserver P5000 Case is our #1 seller and most versatile case. This case comes standard with a purge knob and pick and pluck foam so individual customization is simplified. The pressure relief valve allows for equalization of the inside pressure during elevation changes. The P5000 Carrier is the workhorse of the Preserver fleet. It can house and protect field electronics, radios, cameras, binoculars, and small communication equipment.
  • P2000 Escort is smaller then P3000 Cruiser.

  • P3000 Cruiser has the same footprint as the P3500 Rescue, but
    the rescue is deeper, with more volume.

  • P2000,P3000, and P3500 have a foam liner and nylon lanyard

  • P5000 Carrier and P6000 Supercarrier have die cut pick and
    pluck foam in the base cavity and egg crate foam in the upper

  • P5000 is smaller than P6000, but both have handles and
    pressure release valves
Preserver P5000 Carrier and P6000 Supercarrier have protective foam in the cases to offer the most customization.
Preserver P3500 Rescue is over 2inches deeper than Preserver P3000 Cruiser
Preserver P3000 Cruiser is about 2 inches longer than Preserver P2000 Escort
Preserver P6000 Supercarrier has over 1.5 times the volume than Preserver P5000 Carrier
P3000 vs P2000
P3500 vs P3000
P6000 vs P5000
P5000 and P6000 have pick and pluck
foam in the base and egg crate foam
in the lid.
Preserver P6000 Watertight Protective Case easily stores iPads and other tablets
P6000 easily
accommodates tablets
like iPads
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