Shop Hooks
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Shop Hooks, a 3-D versatile 10 inch S-hook for cables, paint cans, and garage and
shop walls
Shop Hooks make your project
environment safer by removing the
potential to trip over cables, ropes, and
tools on the floor.  

These also add space to your work area
and increase the convenience to access
your items by suspending them off the
    Safety-Yellow Color

    Rated to hold up to 40 lbs each

         Locking Safety Feature

    Made in USA with 100% recycled
    ABS tough plastic.
Shop Hooks from Bent Grass Concepts are used for making your work environment safer and neater
Shop Hooks are versatile hanging
hooks for suspending extension cords,
portable equipment, and any other be
off the floor.

Shop Hooks can hang from pipes, pipe
hangers, metal grating, and door
knobs. Cords can run through the open
ended loop, or through the larger,
closing loop.

The larger one has an interlocking
feature for improved safety. Slits and
holes in the plastic allow you to use
nails and screws for extra security or
more permanent fixation.
Shop Hooks get heavy equipment out of the way
Shop Hooks can be used to hold grocery bags more ergonomically
Shop Hooks hold large cables and hoses
Shop Hooks hold paint cans off the floor, giving you more room to work
Shop Hooks open and closed, with 2 big loops for hanging product
Shop Hooks are rated to 40 pounds
Shop Hooks hold electrical cables with ease
Shop Hooks elevate cables off the ground
Shop Hooks have interlocking safety clips
25 units per case,  
call Bent Grass
to order and get
volume discounts!