Trevino's Taco Trays and Consulting Services
Trevino's Taco Tray holds 6 tacos and 5 types of condiments
Trevino's Taco Trays - Available for
wholesale orders only.
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Terracotta color of Trevino's Taco Tray make it a winner for parties
    Keep the Trevino's Taco Tray at
    home, and refuel before your
    next round!

    Make your tacos without a mess.
    This amazing taco tray has 6
    compartments to hold 6 soft or
    hard tacos and 5 others for

    You can fill the compartments
    with beans, shredded cheese,
    another with your favorite hot
    salsa, and another with

    Build them with ease. Tacos stay
    upright, while the other food
    stays in the trays.

    Microwavable and dishwasher

    Terracotta color.
Trevino's Taco Tray from Bent Grass Concepts are available for parties, catalogs, and school supply sales.