ThermaFreeze Flexible Reusable Ice Packs
ThermaFreeze Ice Packs are flexible, reusable ice packs
that are used for pain relief and cold storage
Thermafreeze Ice Pack Sheets are reusable, flexible, and easy to use. They ship
and store flat. Just soak them in water, freeze, and use. Each sheet contains 2.5 x
2.5 inch square cells that expand into mini frozen ice packs. Each cell contains
biodegradable, expandable, non-toxic beads that absorb almost 25 times its
weight in water.
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ThermaFreeze is a non-toxic ice pack, made in the USA, and brought to you by Heat Wave and Bent Grass Concepts, for those that have
asked us for cold packs and ice packs.

    ThermaFreeze is great for pain relief

    For pain relief, ThermaFreeze is best used with Ice Wraptor Ice
    Wraps. We have had great successs bring pain relief to multiple
    sclerosis sufferers. Read our blog written by a relieved user.

    With Ice Wraptor, you can walk around, drive, and go outside.
    The wrap consists of an elastic band and pocket to hold the ice
    pack: with a smooth fleece outer layer for insulation and
    comfort, and a mesh inner layer to promote cold transfer.
    Simply insert the frozen ThermaFreeze Ice Sheet to make it a
    wearable, portable, mobile wrap and you are no longer tied to
    your home or couch.

    The elastic sticks to itself as well as the outer layer, so it fits all
    body parts, from small joints to shoulders up to 57 inches!
1 ounce of material (like our 4 x 6 cell, 10 x 15 inch
sheet) converts to 1.5 pounds of frozen ice packs!
Hydration takes only seconds per sheet and is done by
soaking or spraying the cloth side of the pad with
water. Once hydrated, it is ready to be placed in a
freezer and will be fully frozen in approximately 2 hours.
To use, take it out of the freezer and place it where you
need an ice pack.  The sheets will stay frozen outside
of a cooler for up to 2 hours, way longer than ice, way
longer than traditional gel packs, and even longer if put
in an insulated cooler!.
ThermaFreeze meets your cooling needs without
causing drips, leaks and wetness. They provide
never wet) so you can keep them on as long as
necessary. They also don't drip like ice so they
don't mix with the food or soak the product
needing refrigeration. ThermaFreeze lasts longer
than ice, Cryopack, Flexi Freeze and Techni Ice.
ThermaFreeze is made in the USA from 100%
non-toxic material to provide you safe cooling
whenever and wherever necessary.

the sheets by
rehydrating first.
The packs may
shrink over
10-15 days due
to evaporation.
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ThermaFreeze is so easy to use

  • Soak ThermaFreeze Ice Sheet in water
    (warm is ideal) - watch it expand!
  • Dry off outer layer
  • Freeze
  • Use

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ThermaFreeze sheets are flexible even when
frozen - it can be cut or folded to fit around
products or in containers, or around a body part
that needs cold therapy relief. The ice sheets
have a thin plastic backing on one side, and soft
cloth on the other to provide comfort. You can cut
the sheet to size, or fold them to fit your needs.
Thermafreeze can be used in coolers or lunch
bags, as a cold therapy or ice pack for pain relief,
or even to store and ship cold or frozen items.
ThermaFreeze is flexible when frozen, to be used as a cold pack for sore joints
and muscles or in coolers for food storage.
Ice packs are easy to hydrate
ThermaFreeze comparison - flat vs hydrated and frozen
A soft fabric top is comfortable on the skin and allows the pack to expand with water and freezing
ThermaFreeze can be cut to fit and can bend to fit into coolers and around food
ThermaFreeze Ice Packs are flexible to wrap around sore joints - can be used with Ice Wraptor Ice Wraps
ThermaFreeze just takes seconds to hydrate
Shipping frozen or cold product is easy
Convenient for cold transport

ThermaFreeze is available in economical Large and Extra Large Sheets.
You can cut them down to size if you want smaller pieces. You can mouse
over the images to see how they change from thin sheets to flexible ice
packs - or
CLICK HERE to purchase.
ThermaFreeze 4 x 3 cell sheet - 7.5 x 10 inches cold pack
ThermaFreeze 4 x 6 cell sheet - 10 x 15 inches cold pack
ThermaFreeze 4 x 6 cell sheet = 10 x 15"  
of pure ice pack - 24 cells per sheet
ThermaFreeze 4 x 3 cell sheet = 7.5 x 10"  
of pure ice pack - 12 cells per sheet
Large 4 x 3 cell sheet - each sheet is 7.5 x 10 inches and can be cut to size
Extra Large 4 x 6 cell sheet - each sheet is 10 x 15 inches and can be cut to size
Heat Packs and Ice packs are available at discounted prices to the chiropractic community
Use ThermaFreeze as an ice pack in coolers or as an ice wrap for pain relief
Freeze ThermaFreeze for 2+ hours
Soak ThermaFreeze until fully hydrated
You can also buy ThermaFreeze Ice Packs,
Ice Wraps, and Ice Bandanas
from the Bent Grass Concepts ThermaFreeze storefront by
clicking here:
Love these things!
my husband and i
both commute and
take bagged lunches
nearly each day.
these things are
super handy
because they can be
cut to fit different
sized bags or
containers and aren't
heavy at all. they
also stay frozen
much longer than i
thought they would.
these are also great
for coolers. SJD